2014 Skoda Superb (1.5.9) - City Car Driving мод

Автор: BZAndJZ26Motors
2014 Skoda Superb (1.5.9) - City Car Driving мод (изображение 2)
2014 Skoda Superb (1.5.9) - City Car Driving мод (изображение 3)
2014 Skoda Superb (1.5.9) - City Car Driving мод (изображение 4)
2014 Skoda Superb (1.5.9) - City Car Driving мод (изображение 5)

Описание мода «2014 Шкода Суперб» на русском языке

Это 2014 Skoda Superb для версии City Car Driving 1.5.7.


  • Реалистичная механическая физика с работающей коробкой передач DSG с TSI 2.0л. и мощностью 200 л.с. с данного сайта, также с тормозами, подвеской, аэродинамикой, снаряженной массой, рулем, частью сцепления колеса, управлением.
  • Baked body.
  • Точные стрелки, включая топливо и температуру.
  • Функциональные индикаторы, информирующие о двигателе, низком уровне топлива и о состоянии ручного тормоза.
  • Очень подробная 2K lightmapping.
  • Пользовательский звук.
  • Оригинальные цвета на выбор: Amethyst Royal, Brilliant Silver, Deep Sea Blue, Rosso Brunello, Magic Black, Magnetic Brown, Lava Blue, Candy White, Light Candy White, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Beige, Light Green с данного сайта.
  • Конвертация левостороннего управления (для конвертации потребовалось много времени) с другими дополнительными опциями (это будет указано в экстра).
  • Полигон высокого качества, модель экстерьера и интерьера.
  • Высокого качества текстуры в стандарте 2K.
  • Хорошо подготовленная 3D-модель (в моем понимании), чтобы ее можно было считать реалистичной.
  • Бежевая кожа, дерево, MPH и RHD — стоки.
  • Рабочие наружные фары.
  • Интерьерные кнопки, приборная панель и стрелки загораются в ночное время суток.
  • Рабочие зеркала и все полностью функционирующее.
  • Ограничитель оборотов.
  • Автоматическая коробка передач показывает изменения и показывает передачи.

Extra (Дополнения)

  1. Алюминиевая отделка.
  2. Черная отделка.
  3. Черный кожаный салон.
  4. Коричневый кожаный салон.
  5. Камера заднего вида.
  6. Багажник и коробка на крыше и буксирный крюк.
  7. Серая коробка на крыше.
  8. Белая крыша.
  9. Левостороннее управление (левый руль).
  10. Левостороннее управление (левый руль) + камера заднего вида.
  11. Левостороннее управление (левый руль) + багажник и коробка на крыше и буксирный крюк.
  12. Км/ч спидометр правостороннего управления.
  13. Км/ч спидометр левостороннего управления.


  • Автор мода: BZ And JZ 26 Motors (да, верно, как вы понимаете, это мой первый мод, который я сделал сам, включая конвертацию левостороннего управления, экстра и высокую детализацию).
  • Помощь, содействие и исправление ошибок: TJ.
  • Звук: Denis154rus.
  • Скриншоты: Алексей Юрченко.
  • 3D модель (думаю от ETS2).
  • Это было сделано специально для Kas, и я надеюсь, что ему понравится, впрочем, как и всем остальным игрокам.

Description of the mod «2014 Skoda Superb» in English

About the Skoda Superb

The Extras with 12 KPH Speedometer RHD and 13 KPH Speedometer LHD is for the camera to turn in the correct position when looking at the rear windscreen in the car this what they mean.

My first ever mod also has LHD extra as you so you can choose that and have other extras as well Also with reversing camera and towbar plus as well it was really difficult to make the way this 3D model was so modifications had to be made but it was worth it though i gave up on it first it i decided to try second time and i was about to give up again but this time it went better than the first time and i managed to finish making it after 1 month. This is a really good quality first ever free mod that even is able to be paid worthy but this one is free.

It took lot time and effort for all it but it was definitely worth it. I know it took a year for this and i apologize for that as it didn’t turn out very well but it as has now. They were some problems and TJ has offered to fix them all and i thank him for that and I also gone to the extent of making the KM/H speedometer as well as MPH is stock.

And also did all the other extras as well i made. Such as veneer trims and colour interiors. So i really hope everyone enjoys this mod and been worth it. After what all what i made. This is the rare facelifted B6 Skoda Superb from the year 2014 rare model so i hope everyone likes it. This is also RAR only and no PKG due to the amount of extras. A lot of changes by myself and TJ and retesting had to made and done with what we can do in our game and mods limits of the way the mod turned out the way the game is and on how hard it was to make the mod. This was the made the best as it can get.

I especially i made this for Kas but it is for everyone else as well it was going to be originally a surprise but i knew what it was and i decided it should be public as its my first ever mod from about a year back.

Only slight problem is that the way i made this mod by mistake it doesn’t have its own collision file but it has it from another car that would still crash in the form of just about nearly its own shape other than that its perfect.

About my modding

I’m pleased to say i have made my first ever mod the 2014 Skoda Superb it took a lot time and effort but its come out really good better than i expected. I have been modding since about 2014 possibly 2013 with very basic modding but in the last 2 years i got to this level of modding which is editing 3D models which started my mod updating in 2016 before that i did mod editing and now today my first ever mod as came out and that is the 2014 Skoda Superb and i’m very thankfully for the all the help i got making this without this i wouldn’t be able to release mods or good mods like this so Thanks so much especially to TJ. Now i am able to make mods the future of me making mods should be good and i have plenty in mind to up in the future so thanks so much. I practiced on updating mods to make my actual own mods come out better and they have. So after 4-5 years i finally made my first ever own mod. So thanks so much. Now there will different mods i’m going to make in the future and another one coming next.


  • Baked body.
  • Realistic mechanical physics with working DSG Gearbox with a 2.0l TSI with 200BHP from this website.
  • With the Brakes, Suspension, Aerodynamics, Curb weight, Steering, Wheel grip fraction, Handling.
  • 13 extras to choose from.
  • Accurate arrows including the fuel and temperature.
  • Functional lights such as the engine and and low fuel lights and handbrake and indicators.
  • Very detailed lightmapping in 2K.
  • Custom sound by Denis as credited already.
  • Original colours to choose from they are: Amethyst Royal, Brilliant Silver, Deep Sea Blue, Rosso Brunello, Magic Black, Magnetic Brown, Lava Blue, Candy White, Light Candy White, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Beige, Light Green from a colour code website This website i think its updated since i used it.
  • LHD conversion (Took a lot of time effort to make the conversion) with other extra options this will be stated in the extras.
  • High polygon high quality model exterior and interior.
  • High quality textures in standard 2K.
  • Well prepared 3D model by myself to be realistic.
  • Beige leather and wood and MPH and RHD is stock.
  • Working exterior lights.
  • Interior buttons and instrument panel and arrows light up at night.
  • Working mirrors and fully functional everything.
  • Rev limiter.
  • Automatic gears display changes and shows gears.


  1. Aluminum Trim.
  2. Black Trim.
  3. Black Leather Interior.
  4. Brown Leather Interior.
  5. Reversing Camera.
  6. Roofbox And Roofracks And Towbar.
  7. Grey Roofbox.
  8. White Roofbox.
  9. LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion.
  10. LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion With Reversing Camera.
  11. LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion With Roofbox And Roofracks And Towbar.
  12. KPH Speedometer RHD.
  13. KPH Speedometer LHD.


  • Author of the mod: BZ And JZ 26 Motors (yes, right, as you know, this is my first mod that I made myself, including left-hand drive conversion, extra and high detail).
  • Help, assistance, and bug fixes: TJ.
  • Sound: Denis154rus.
  • Screenshots: Alexey Yurchenko.
  • 3D model (I think from ETS2).
  • This was done specifically for Kas, and I hope that he will like it, however, like all other players.

Steam ID: 1590716251.

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